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A $30,000 franchise with nothing down and no monthly payments! Believe it? Well, take a moment to read this, I think you’ll be convinced. T’aint short, but it’s complete . . .

The Management and Marketing Manual is a collection of organization, management, finance, personnel, marketing, sales and administration ideas that have been collected and refined over the course of 30 years. It’s an invaluable resource for those starting out in the industry, who don’t want to spend tens of thousands on the mistakes that every manager makes. Experienced managers use it to renew their perspective and take advantage of more advanced concepts as their company grows and expands.

The purposed of this book is to give you essential information you need to run your company efficiently and profitably.

Section 1 goes into organizing your company for growth, and how to diversify without destroying company morale and cash flow.

Section 2 discusses building security for employees with company policies, job descriptions, and employment contracts. It also covers establishing crew teams for enhanced productivity, and dividing your market into manageable segments.

Section 3 is all about compensation: different methods, their pros and cons, legal commission programs with examples. A good compensation program covers management objectives – things like avoiding bankruptcy, retaining employees, making profit – while rewarding efficiency.

Section 4 tackles employee selection: finding, hiring, motivating and retaining those “good people” you don’t think exist. It includes where to look, application forms, interview questions that comply with EEOC rules, and reference checks. The “good people” are out there. You just have to learn the right ways to find them.

Section 5 covers finance: the practical information you need from income statements, business insurance, and how to negotiate loans. The highlight of this section is an income projection program for deciding exactly how much money you want the company to make on January 1, projecting income goals, and watching them become a reality by December 31. Yes you heard right, and you won’t believe how simple it is!

Section 6 discusses sales and marketing: how to develop a marketing strategy, the elements of effective salesmanship, sales time planning. It includes sales letters that work, and a detailed section on telephone procedures, especially how to answer the inevitable question, “How much do you charge?” We demonstrate ways to turn that question into a sales opportunity that literally doubles your average job ticket!

Section 7 is all about inspecting and selling cleaning services. We tell you how to make up an inspection kit with tools that cement the sale. We include an example of an option sales brochure that’s guaranteed to add 30-50% to our average ticket in 24 hours. We’ve invested over $5000 in developing this dynamic tool, and it’s yours to copy and use with the purchase of the book. We outline an 10-step inspection procedure that’s logical and effective. We even include a customer briefing sheet that costs you 5¢ to reproduce. It’s designed to eliminate call-backs by bringing customers face to face with the realities of carpet wear and tear. Saves you thousands in lost time and jobs each year. We show you how to follow up on jobs with a Thank You/Critique Card that’s a strong reminder of your professionalism, and a Customer Reminder Card too. And yes, we include professionally designed samples for you to copy and print.

Section 8 deals with contracts, both residential and commercial. We tell you how to turn that one-time customer into a life-long client with our Carefree Carpet Cleaning Maintenance Agreement. It provides a level of cleaning appearance and health that customers have never before experienced. It evens out cash flow, and it eliminate the competition, while prolonging your customer’s carpet investment – all for less than the monthly cable TV fee. Included is a sample brochure and contract for you to use in selling this dynamite program.

Section 9 gets into clientele evaluation: the target client’s age, income, housing, social priorities, and understanding cleaning services. With that information you’re in a position to develop a marketing strategy.

Section 10 covers marketing. On a budget? Check out marketing without money; dozens of ways to generate business with minimum expense. Then, we evaluate advertising media, including TV, radio, newspaper, direct mail. Several samples are included for you to copy and use.

Finally, in Section 11 we get down to the administrative nuts and bolts of running a successful company. Things like: weekly meetings (management/staff), complaint procedures/forms, work order forms, weekly reports, pricing formats/guides, discount schedules, equipment maintenance forms and checklists. Things that would take you months, if not years, to develop on your own. All there.

OK. If you’re still reading by now, you must be identifying with some of the points I’ve covered.  Indeed, you must be wondering if all this is too good to be true.  Let me assure you, there’s a lot more in the 200+ pages of this book than you’ve read about so far.  “Still a bargain at twice the price . . .”  and all that rubbish!
But here’s the “bottom line.”  Ultimately, it’s up to you.  You’ve got to decide whether you’re going to continue stumbling along with the same frustrating problems and making the same excuses year after year.  Or are you ready to commit to doing something about it?

I’m done! This is what we call the “closing” in sales terminology.  I can’t make the decision for you.  Remember, we aren’t talking $30,000 franchise here.  The cost of this book isn’t going to break your company.  But if I’m only half right about what this information can do for your company, how can you afford not to have it in your professional library?  Give us a call.  We’ll be glad to answer any remaining questions. And thanks for listening.


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