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IICRC S100 Carpet Cleaning Standard


A document that no inspector or professional cleaner can do without!

IICRC S100 includes: a consumer checklist for routine maintenance and cleaning, followed by a chart of cleaning frequencies that promote safety and health. There’s a section onselecting a professional cleaning firm, along with standard procedures consumers have a right to expect in a quality job.

The foundation for IICRC S100 is the 5 Principles of Cleaning: dry soil removal, soil suspension, extraction, grooming, and drying, along with a pre- and post-cleaning inspection checklist for professionals.

IICRC S100 lists the standard steps included in each of 5 industry-accepted cleaning methods, based on the Principles of Cleaning. The 5 methods include: absorbent compound, absorbent pad, dry foam, shampoo, and “steam” cleaning. There is no attempt to compare methods or declare a “best method.” Rather the focus is on specifying standard steps that must be included in the proper use of each.

At only $35.00 per copy, this is one you can’t afford to omit from your library of reference texts. Revised in 2002

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