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IICRC S500 Standard & Reference Guide for Professional Water Damage Restoration Third Edition


IICRC S500 Third Edition released in 2006 is an ANSI-approved Standard,
written by IICRC which is an ANSI-accredited organization.

Talk about revolutionizing an industry. This is the document that did it! Written over a period of 4 years by some of the industry’s top experts, S500 is truly the “Standard” for water restoration professionals. It is now updated with all the newest technology and processes for the Standard of Care in the industry.

It starts with a discussion on the science and the 4 all-important principles of drying. It goes on to define the 3 categories of water damage: sanitary source, unsanitary, and sewage.

From there, S500 Third Edition discusses standard procedures for sanitary water restoration, followed by standard procedures for sewage backflow restoration, both divided into containment, coordination, and completion procedures.

The Reference Guide portion of the standard is expanded and covers microbiology: definitions, requirements for growth, potential health effects, immunization, biocides, application rates, and waste water disposal. It continues with a section on psychrometry: temperature, RH, specific humidity, dew point, and vapor pressure. Included is a psychrometric chart, which can be used to determine optimum drying.

S500 Third Edition discusses equipment requirements and proper usage including: safety equipment, extractors, airmovers, dehumidifiers, and continues with a discussion on monitoring drying progress. It covers telephone and administrative procedures, and includes a comprehensive section on inspecting water damaged structures and contents: safety hazards, source containment, detection equipment, job scope, flooring, contents, HVAC systems, basements and crawlspaces, structural components, secondary damage, and customer briefings.

S500 Third Edition finishes with a discussion on proper disengagement and reinstallation of carpet and cushion.

A glossary of terms and a list of asbestos containing materials rounds out an excellent resource that is essential for every professional’s library. The S500 Third Edition is priced at only $125.00, you can afford to have a copy of S500 Third Edition on every production unit.


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