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Bait and Switch: Consumer Beware! –featuring Jeff Bishop

$34.95 – CCS 408 (1 hour) 

Ever wonder what you get for that “$5.95-per-room” coupon? Exactly what do consumers really wind up paying? Why do they fall for such blatant rip-offs? These and many surprising and unethical tactics are revealed with Bait and Switch: Consumer Beware! Learn what professional cleaning should include, how consumers can find a Certified professional. A great sales tool! When customers ask about those to-good-to-be-true bargains in cleaning, simply pop Bait and Switch into their video and watch their amazement! Makes a great educational program for carpet retailers too. Bait and Switch: Consumer Beware! Includes CBS, FOX and NBC segments on Bait and Switch tactics in the carpet cleaning industry.

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