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Creative Carpet Cleaning Sales, by Jeff Bishop

$ 99.95 – CCS 401 (40 minutes) 

Ten, thirty, fifty cents per square foot? . . $3.95, 39.95 per room? . . Forget what competitors do and charge! We’ll teach you creative, unique ways to become a “service consultant” to customers. You’ll learn how to build a reputation that keeps current customer calling for more cleaning, and recommending your services to everyone. You’ll hear how to turn that question, “How much do you charge” into an opportunity to double your average ticket. You’ll see a 7-step sales procedure that puts profit on the bottom line. Find out how to use the most dynamic sales tool that ever hit the industry, the option sales program. Learn to follow up cleaning with quality assurance calls, with thank-you and critique cards, with customer reminder cards. Roll those residential jobs into contracts with Carefree Carpet Cleaning. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s profitable – it’s up to you! Keep complaining about the competition, or set the pace for quality service in your community with Creative Carpet Cleaning Sales!

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