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Disaster Management, Marketing, & Sales (DMMS)

So you’re ready to diversify into disaster restoration. You’ve heard about the great profit potential, about the problem of hauling all your income to the bank every week, about the challenge of where to spend your next vacation.

Right? Riiiiight! Maybe you’ve already diversified into restoration services. You’ve done the work just long enough to see the terrific potential. Problem is, you are discovering that disaster restoration, like any business, has its unique set of challenges: marketing, administration, working with agents and adjusters, paperwork, cash flow.

These are challenges faced by every restoration service owner or manager, and there are solutions. These are the same problems we faced – still are facing – daily as we developed a disaster restoration diversification some 30 years ago. And, over the years, we’ve found the answers.

No, we can’t eliminate all the difficult daily decisions and hard work you’re doing now. We can’t make the job totally effortless. But we can considerably ease the burden, and teach you to avoid making the same mistakes year after year. We have lots of solutions that have proved effective for disaster business owners and managers for years.

If you’ve starting a new diversification, or if you’ve simply reached the point at which you can no longer separate the “forest from the trees,” Clean Care Seminars Disaster Management, Marketing and Salescourse is for you.

Here’s what’s included: We’ll start by defining what disaster service really is, what range of services agents, adjusters, and others expect you to provide, and how to “ease into” the business. We’ll talk about operating your restoration business as a separate diversification, a separate profit center, you might say. We’ll get into organizing the business and proper staffing, complete with sample job descriptions. The course also covers the important subject of subcontracting – you know, how to find and manage the good subs you need to do specialty work, and how to mark-up their services legitimately.

We’ll point out the need for rapid response, and how to ensure a fail-safe, 24-hour emergency service. You’ll leave knowing how to impress on agents and adjusters the critical need for rapid response, based on the continuing effect of contamination. We’ll look at the insureds and adjuster’s three restoration alternatives, to simplify decisions and to make it much easier to answer insured’s questions. We’ll show examples offacilities and vehicles that are critical to efficient processing. We’ll provide a typical disaster load list, and cover all the chemicals and equipment needed to do the job properly.

While we’re at it, we’ll cover basic business insurance coverage to protect your company and yourself from liability on jobs. You’ll get a better understanding of the relationship between all parties to the job: agents, adjusters, insureds, contractors, along with policy provisions that govern claims. Then, we’ll get into paperwork systems that go beyond the computerized estimating systems available in the industry.

Another critical area we cover is marketing restoration services. We’ll give you 27 sources of restoration business, and outline a sure-fire, 8-phase marketing program that includes details on direct contact (who to see, what to say), examples of monthly mailers, specialty advertising, continuing education programs for agents and adjusters, public relations opportunities, and others.

Administratively, we’ll cover claims call reports, phone procedures for fire and water losses, how to conduct a damage survey, followed by how to set up a proper processing sequence for move-outs. Finally, we’ll cover pricing philosophy (unit, hourly, time and materials), pricing checklists and pricing guides, along with ways to improve cash flow. We’ll leave you with food for thought on the sensitive subject of ethics.

Disaster Management, Marketing and Sales is an essential course for those new to the business, or for experienced contractors who want to revitalize their businesses. With our money-back guarantee and discounts for 2 or more from the same company, you can’t afford to miss this dynamic, information-packed course, which also qualifies for 2 IICRC CECs.

Don’t put this decision off. Call today 800-455-4278 or 334-446-1531 for registration or Contact Us, for additional information


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